Revo - Voltron

Product Description

A unique combination of 25km/h top speed, off-road capability and stealthy frame design with quiet motor operation that's suited to both urban and trail environments. Our REVO is a specially designed mountain bike with electric pedal assist which share similarities with other electric bikes. Our REVO features also designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain. With rapid acceleration and beautiful design, it stands out aesthetically, while also combining an 7-speed Shimano gear system and a 250W motor to provide an exceptionally mountain ride experience. Our REVO have 5 levels of pedal assist and can be change between assist mode and no assist.

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Overall length : 1880 x 645 x 1060 mm
Net weight : 23.5 kg (including battery)
Max speed : 25 km/h (pedal assist)
Traveling distance : 40-60 km (depend on weight, road condition etc)
Frame type : Aluminium Alloy 6061
Wheel size :
Battery type : Lithium Ion Battery
Battery capacity : 7800mAh
Battery life span : 800 – 1000 cycle
Charging time : 3-5 hours
Motor rating : below 3db
Maximum load : <160 kg
Braking system : Front and rear disc brake
Transmission : Shimano 7 speed gear
Colour : Blank Only