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How electric bikes work?
Do I have to pedal on an electric bicycle?

Yes! Our electric bikes are just like regular bicycles but with a little bit of added assistance so you'll need to pedal at alltimes to keep the bike moving.The bike's motor will then add power asyou pedal to assist you at a level of your choice to provide a natural riding experience.

Do I need a license or insurance?

The Malaysia Law states that any electric bicycle with operating pedals, limited to 25kmph and with 250w of power (or less) is classified as a bicycle. While you can legally ride an electric bicycle anywhere standard bicycles can be riden, each state is responsible for the laws governing the use and operation of electric bicycles. Since the laws vary from state to state, please check with your local state of government or local authorities.

How fast can I go on an electric bicycle?

Under current regulations electric bikes are able to provide assistance up to25km/h. Your electric bike will not provide further assistance beyond 25km/h although it is easily possible to reach speeds of higher than this simply by putting in more energy yourself.

Can I ride electric bicycle in the rain?

Yes of course you can use your electric bike in the rain. Although these bikes have electrical parts all of the components are protected by an exterior casing which protects them from the elements. The battery, motor and display screen are all waterproof and will be able to withstand the heaviest downpours. Please note that neither your electric bike nor it's electrical components should be submerged in water at any point or washed using a jet wash or pressure washer.

Can I turn my current bicycle into an electric bicycle?

Unfortunately we would strongly advise against attempting to convert any non-electric bicycle into an electric bike. You will find after-market 'kits' which claim to turn your bike into an electric bike however making any of these changes would invalidate any form of warranty on your product and could prove to be dangerous. Most importantly, these products have not been quality or safety checked on your bike.

All of our electric bikes have specific adjustments made to their frames to accommodate the weight of the electric components and battery.Additionally our bikes are fitted with ebike specific tyres which are designed to withstand the increased speed and pressures required and conform to all of the relevant EN 14764, EN 15194 and MS2514:2015 quality and safety regulations. So, whilst it is possible to do this - we wouldn't risk it!

General Use and Maintenance
How do I clean my electric bicycle?

To clean your electric bike, simply hose it down using a low water pressure and wipe clean. Try to avoid pouring water directly over any electrical components; although these are water resistant it's always best to be careful! We would advise strongly against using a jet washer to clean your electric bike. Jet washers force water into seals and remove essential grease from bearings and can also damage your electrical components.

What happens if the electronics get wet?

The electronic elements of all of our bikes are sealed units to prevent the motor battery and head unit from becoming damaged by water. Each of these components are weatherproof and will withstand the wet and rainy English weather! However the units on your electric bike are not 100% waterproof so we would advise strongly against fully submerging your bicycle in water or using a jet washer to clean your bicycle. In the unlikely event that your bicycle does become fully submerged in water always recover the bicycle quickly and allow the bicycle to dry completely before switching back on. This is particularly important for your electric bike battery as the Lithium Ion batteries used in electric bikes react badly to water.

When should I charge my electric bicycle battery?

You can charge your electric bike battery at any point; you don't need to wait until the battery is fully depleted or top it up after every time you use it. Also if you’re storing your bike for a long period of time you’ll need to charge the battery every 3 months; if you don’t it can cause the battery to drop below residual power.

How far can I cycle on one charge?

The distance that you can cycle on your electric bike in one charge will depend on the electric bike system and the battery capacity that you choose as well as the level of assistance that you select while riding. Other factors such as your weight and the weight of any luggage you're carrying, weather conditions, terrain and so on will also influence the bike's range. Our entry level electric bikes such as EZIGO can achieve distances between 40km and 60km on one charge whereas our higher end models such as Neoteric can provide between 80km and 100km.

How can I adjust the power assist on my electric bicycle?

Each of our electric bikes have simple to use power adjustment buttons on the left side of the handlebar which you can adjust while riding using your thumb. The styles vary slightly from model to model and depending on the electric bike system used on that model.

What happens if I run out of battery while cycling?

Your electric bike functions in the same way as an ordinary bicycle and just has the option to add extra power assistance using the motor. So if you run out of battery whilst cycling you will still be able to use your electric bike just like an ordinary bike without the electric assistance turned on.

Can you ride an electric bicycle with the assistance turned off?

All of our electric bikes can be ridden without the electric assistance turned on if you wish. A simple on/off switch is located on either the display screen or the controls which will allow you to turn the electric assistance on and off as you wish.

Battery use and care
Should I completely drain my electric bicycle battery before recharging?

You can charge your electric bike battery at any point; you don't need to wait until the battery is fully depleted or top it up after every time you use it. You may hear people say that you should charge you battery in a specific way to prolong it's life however this is only applicable to older style Lead Acid batteries. Modern electric bikes almost always use Lithium Ion batteries which are far more reliable, have a longer lifespan and are less temperamental. All Raleigh electric bikes use Lithium Ion batteries.

Can I remove the battery to charge it?

Yes, you can unlock your electric bicycle battery and carried indoors to be charged using your mains plug socket.

Is my battery locked to prevent theft?

Yes, all of our electric bikes are supplied with three keys to lock your battery in place whilst you're out and about. For security reasons your keys are unique to your bicycle. Please note that we do not provide replacement key for every electric bicycle purchased by customer.

How long does it takes to charge an electric bicycle battery?

It will take between three and six hours to fully charge your electric bike battery dependent on the electric bicycle model that you select.

Do I have to charge my battery to full after every ride or every time I charge it?

You can charge your electric bike battery at any point; you don't need to wait until the battery is fully depleted or top it up after every time you use it. Older style Lead Acid electric bike batteries did need to be fully charged to maintain optimum battery life however this is not true of Lithium Ion batteries used on Voltron Electric Pedal Assisted Bicycle (EPAB). It’s also worth noting that leaving your battery on charge won’t harm it; it will automatically cut off the power once fully charged.

Can I charge my electric bicycle battery by pedaling?

No, none of our electric bikes will recharge whilst you pedal them. Some manufacturers advertise electric bikes which will recharge as you pedal however we've found that most of these systems are quite inefficient. The regenerative technology requires specific components to be added to your bicycle to enable this which all increases the weight and price of your bicycle and results in insignificant gains.

Servicing and aftercare
Do I need to get my electric bicycle serviced? And how often?

Yes, you will need to get your electric bike serviced to keep it in good working order in a similar way to a traditional bicycle or a car. How often you need to service your bike depends on a range of factors, such as how many miles you ride, how often and on what terrain. however because electric bikes are heavier than standard bikes and often travel faster and for longer distances, we recommend servicing them more frequently than you would a traditional bike.

If you use your bike a lot, for commuting every day for instance, then servicing it every two to three months will help keep it in top condition. If you only use your e-bike once or twice a week, for leisurely rides, you may only need to service it every four to six months.

Where can I get my electric bicycle serviced?

For the electric bicycle common parts and accessories, you may get your electric bicycle serviced at any local bicycle shop. For the electrical components such as electric bicycle motor, lithium battery, controller, indicator and so on, please kindly contact us for electric bicycle services.

What warranty is available on Voltron Electric Pedal Assisted Bicycle (EPAB)?

All Voltron Electric Pedal Assisted Bicycle (EPAB) are covered by a manufacturer's warranty and only applies to the original registered owner of the Voltron EPAB which is not transferable. Our warranty included a 5 year frame guarantee, a 1 year warranty for electrical components such as motor assembly, indicator, controller and lithium battery (depends on term and condition).

Warranty and Claim Policy

Voltron will provide full support for the electric bicycle we distribute by offering warranty and/or repair service. Warranty only covers strictly on defective manufacturing and workmanship and applies only to the original purchaser of the electric bicycle.

Warranty period

The duration of the warranty is varies for different product.


The warranty does not cover in the event of:

  1. Normal wear & tear or maintenance issues
  2. Abnormal strain, neglect, abuse or misuse
  3. Accidents or collision damage
  4. Lack of routine and proper maintenance
  5. Improper or failure to follow instructions for assembly, installation or use.
  6. Modifications of original parts or installation of incompatible parts
  7. Repairs or servicing not performed by authorised service centers
  8. Damage or loss from shipping, transportation or storage

Customers are required to produce the following for warranties:

  1. Proof of purchase (Voltron Tax Invoice)
  2. The item for warranty