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Manufacturing and research & development

Every Voltron EPAB goes through an extensive research and development process before being commercialised for the market. From design to safety and energy consumption, every voltron EPAD is made to promote green mobility and to ensure sustainability of environment.

TOWARDS ISO 9001:2015

In its aspiration to be Malaysia’s first electric bicycle manufacturer which provides Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service, Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM) service, Electric Bicycle Sharing Program, and Electric Trishaw service, Voltron is gearing up its manufacturing and business processes to achieve ISO 9001:2015, a quality assurance certification that will put the brand in the global EPAB market.

Moving the world with green energy

Coaxial Direct Drive Motor Technology

What is Electric Pedal-Assist Bicycle?

The Electric Pedal-Assist Bicycle (EPAB) or Pedelec, in short, is an e-bike with pedal-assist electric drive system designed to run on decent but not excessive top speed. This makes pedelecs legally classed as bicycles rather than the low-powered motorcycles or mopeds. There are various types of e-bikes in the market, such as bicycles with a hub motor types, the chain system, throttle system, etc.

EPAB works by supplementing the rider’s effort with electromechanical power when the rider pedals the bicycle. In addition, the pedal-assisted technology increases travelling range of the bike so that it reduces fatigue barriers, especially on a bumpy terrain. Since EPAB does not consume petrol, riders will definitely save up on time & transportation costs by avoiding traffic jams.

Voltron has developed a new and improved system with its Coaxial Direct Drive (CDD) Motor Technology, which gives direct output, improves the torque force and increases the pedal-assisted travelling distance compared to other e-bikes of a similar system in the market. The technology breakthrough has been able to meet the Malaysia SIRIM Standard MS 2514: 2015 and the European Standards EN15194 & EN14764. Currently, Voltron has more than 8 models designed for EPAB but only 4 of them: Tour, Neoteric, Revo & Ezigo are ready to be promoted to the local and international market